Martyrdom stacks are bugged plus UI is still bugged for it

Martrydom stacks say you get bonus damage for each 15 missing HP, max 3 stacks. However I only get 3 stacks once I am on ~100 HP which is 100 HP lost, so once stack per around 30-33 HP instead. Also the UI still says “+5 damage” instead of “+5% damage”.

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Came to report a bug about the same ability. My max health 223, and while my health was at 206 I was still at 0 stacks.

That fist Icon is 1 stack btw. But yeah, Zealot is all messed up, from his ult to passives to talents.

All they had to do is just put Zealot from CB to game…

Is that so? That would be weird, since that’s what it looks like when I start every mission.

It’s all messed up. The skill does not restore full toughness, only half. The toughness talents don’t work at all. The passive barely works.

Yeah, I can’t believe how they could mess Zealot so much. He was perfect in closed beta, maybe some his talents needed rework to be more attractive. How can you just take something that worked well, mess it up like that and put it out to others? It’s like taking Burger from kitchen, smashing it with hand on your way to guests and presenting it at table. All you had to do was take burger to table…

And yes, you were right about the stacks. Zealot apparently starts at 1 stack with full health, and then only gains the second stack once his health is down around 35, which btw it only starts counting below 200. So if you buffed your max health thinking you’d get your stacks sooner, well, you thought wrong.

Still not fixed after the update. Max health 250. Lowered to 150 and still two stacks.

Yeah and still says +5 damage instead of +5% damage too in UI

I hope it will be patched in next update.

I have to reach 133 before getting my max stacks from just 200 health so yeah, its really out of whack. It also sucks how the ability got its toughness halved.

I’m thinking it’s actually going off 15% health rather than 15 flat. Even then the numbers wouldn’t add up for every case given here. Has anyone worked out how it actually is working currently?

It was still bugged before beta shut off today. And no, nobody worked out how it works. I don’t think it’s 15% as then the 6 matryrdom stacks talent doesn’t make sense as it would require for you to run with 20 HP which we all know with chip damage it’s just not possible to sustain. The flat 15 health lost makes more sense becasue then there is also benefit from +15% Health Curios so the total lost of 90 HP for 6 stacks doesn’t hurt that much.

Also in beta you were still given one stack at 100% HP and 3 at 100 HP, which is not 45% HP lost but 50% so it also doesn’t add up at all.

It was just bugged as hell. I hope they will fix it on release as at minimum all class talents/passives/ults should work as they are supposed to on release…

TBC I agree it should be per 15 flat health lost, I was just wondering about how it was actually counting it. Pretty impossible to judge if “low” health builds can work with enough curio health stacking when the whole passive is just seemingly not functioning properly.

Well, it’s “Acknowledged” so I hope they will fix it before release. Hope is the only thing thats left for us :slight_smile:

STILL BUGGED/BROKEN ON RELEASE. You had time to put online store, I bet you had maybe time intead to fix basic feature of one class!

Still gett 2nd and 3rd stack on 50 HP lost each, 1st stack on full HP and STILL YOUR UI SAYS “+5 damage” instead of “+5% damage” which is from CLOSED BETA

WHEN this will be fixed? It’s a BASIC feature that whole class is playing around! When it will be fixed?

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When this will be fixed? How many months I have to wait for Zealot to be fixed so I can enjoy playing class without it being bugged/broken?

Bumping for visibility as I would really like class I wanted to play the most to not be bugged/broken at least on release…

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When fix is planned? Next patch?

@Aqshy @Fatshark_Hedge any news if this is coming in the next patch? It has been broken since the start of the beta, I even remember seeing a patch note saying it was fixed but in actuality it was completely unchanged.

It’s a core class passive, some communication on whether it’s even being looked at currently would be greatly appreciated.

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Can take a look when I’m in the office!

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Thanks Aqshy! Really appreciated.