Hello fatshark Psyker Talents bug find

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hello fatshark Psyker Talents bug is report

Disrupt destiny Passive none puntsion [ Lingering Influence , Cruel Fortune ]

not 2stack , not 10 sec, 4sec

that First puntion, but it’s down and revive after not puntion

one more play, i’m check that bug reappearance Again

oh…? just do first play the bug funtion…? no 2 stack no 10sec…

it’s that bug down and revive after no bug

it’s game Session Does not matter

bug reappearance result

2stack 10sec → down and revive → bug funtion[1stack, 4sec] → down and revive → 2stack 10sec[fix] and repeat

I’m not sure what you mean but the DD stacks can be visually bugged for the damage stacks but the 4 second move speed icon still appears regardless of the other stack being bugged

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just visually bug?..

yes the stacks that give you damage/crit damage/whatever sometimes dont appear on the buff bar but you still get the damage, the little 4 second pop up is just the seperate movespeed thing