Manually enable / disable secondary Objectives

Currently the random Objective is bad.
Players join Missions just for them without coordination. Quick Play drops us into Missions even if we dont want to collect them.
And why should we anyway? There is no Reward besides the Weekly.
But since Missions open randomly, sometimes the Mission you want right now just spawns with it.

So, instead of forcing that Objective onto us, give us a simple Checkbox.
Enabling it would give us a secondary Objective. You would then only find Groups who also want to collect them.
Disable it and Matchmaking wont force it onto us. There is no way that a single Player drops into a Group that does not want to collect Grims.

It would also make the “6 secondary Objectives on Mission X” easier or actually doable.

Also: Give us an actual reward for those. Give us Loot.

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