Making Sharp Shooter fun

Tbh here is just a list I would wanna see n ideas:
1.Give him different type of sniper rifles or dmrs you already made Sniper a sniper rifle why not for Sharpshooter models already made.
2.Seriously buff his nades I mean their nades they feel unpowered.
3.Give him another shovel mark would be fun or a mace.
4.Add sights I mean duh
5.Maybe let his 1st perks each feat passive can be another type of nade.
Add your thoughts :slight_smile:

Better ironsights on ALL weapons. At least a glow dot.

The Lasgun sight on the Hellbores! No idea why the Lasgun that gets drawn instantly has a sight like that, and the Hellbore that draws like a 5 ton rifle has to work with a tiny little nub on its front.



I wanna see him have a treach shotie too and yea better sights pls. Tbh maybe it will be at end of April. I heard big content drop but Marchs was meh.

I think you’ll be waiting to the end of may for any serious content according to the last update from FS. Its just gonna be tweaks and polish through April.

But I strongly agree that the lucius needs better sights and I too thirst for new ranged weapons.

More pistols will probably come with the Veteran’s leader class.

buff the frags? I don’t know. they seem to do pretty good, especially with the bleed effect added. fun fun.
also I expect they’ll eventually add krak grenades so there’s your buff there when it happens

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Sadly no Krak nades will be on Team Leader not SS and let me clear something up on Damnation you can’t even kill a pox walker with 1 it takes 2 nades to kill a pox walker with bleed. Thats half your nades to kill 1 enemy n the weakest enemy in the game at that. Naw it needs a buff boyo trust me.

So? It’t would be pretty brutal if you could kill a full horde wave with 1 nade. They are already powerful enough.

I use “grenade dump” tactics in some closed encounters and it basically clears shooters in an 8m radius including the gunners, reapers, and whatever else caught in the circle (This includes bulwarks if at least 3 explosions aren’t blocked by their shields).

My point remains and its better because SS gets 1 per min. In return 16 stacks of bleed not bad because bleed weakens over time. Even if I used all my nades they killed everything around me I jus used all 4 n now I have to wait 4 mins to get them all back n on high Inten thats brutal. Atleast 12 stacks of bleed or something. Throwing 3 Nades to kill a single target is jus bad. Oh or jus buff the explosive dam.

Yeah but tossing 4 grenades to basically clear a whole (or large part of an) encounter is super good. I usually run demo team on HiD and HiD specialist, and I can throw them left and right all the time. Even 1 or 2 will soften targets enough, and the stun is also great. You can almost always pick up nade boxes too since it’s very rare for Zealots to use the proactively (or for Ogryns to use them at all).

We can disagree on this, but honestly, I think they are incredibly powerful. When I switch to either reload speed and/or sniper I can feel that I’ve given up something very powerful (although depending on the weapon it can be worth it).

PS: Using them proactively is far better than reactive use.

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very true, I very rarely use my big box of pain on my ogryn, for anythong other than a nurgle beast. or if I notice a horde ahead with a couple elites in it. of course if you don’t hit the elite or special you don’t get the explosions…
very rarely use the stun grenades on my zealot, which in hindsight I probably should. I just tend to get blood thirsty and wade in

No useing all your nades to kill a horde is awful either buff bleed or explosive overall dps.