Making gunplay feel interesting and rewarding so that it doesn’t feel lacking [the important stuff]

Weapon skins (rarity) in VT1 had different sounds, for example white blunderbuss had different firing sound from orange one (much more meaty btw).

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I like all of OP’s points; but, honestly, I don’t know what to expect from Darktide. Based on my experience with Vermintide 2, I would expect the core melee and ranged mechanics and weapons to have depth and beauty, while all the other systems like crafting, character progression, gear and cosmetic acquisition, and patch vs. mod compatability will seem to have been designed by shaved monkeys. I’m waiting to see the reviews before I even consider buying Darktide.

If Darktide is going to be more ranged-focused than Vermintide, I think that could be cool. However, I want it to have the basic mechanics that anybody who has actually fired a rifle is already familiar with: let us have standing, crouching, and prone postures and let these stances affect the accuracy of your aiming. A breathing mechanic that moves your reticle would also be a welcome addition, especially in prone stance.

I love that, Darktide puts customisation first so let’s make it happen!

Unfortunately, these mechanics sound very unlikely to appear in Darktide. You have to remember it is a Vermintide reboot after all. An action FPS hack 'n slash. No tactical stuff, just more dakka and choppa. You can’t have Vermintide’s trademark combat and then Squad’s ranged shooting, leaning and ballistics mechanics.

They promised to improve on a lot of the aspects so I keep my fingers crossed. If you played V2 however you know Fatshark’s development road is a very rocky road.

You are probably right but until we see more of the game we can’t be sure what the gameplay will look like. If Darktide has a significant number of ranged enemy types including real snipers (not beastmen archers or gun rats) then maybe cover based mechanics might be an aspect of the ranged combat. It would be a lot more challenging and fun than having the invisibility ults that we get with some ranged careers in VT2. I’d really like to see a sniper with a zip line so that they can exploit the verticality in the map to find safe ground to snipe from, making them only susceptible to enemy snipers and in direct fire from grenade launchers…etc.

Well more Accuracy from Crouching could definetly be added. Crouching is already in V2 sooo.
Lasrifles only get less Sway, while Autoguns get more accuracy through less recoil and less sway. Dont think Prone is need here.

Cover system however would be needed, depengind on how good and how many Enemies have Ranged Weapons. But only something like autolean on Cover. However not sure how hard this is to pull off.
I bet we see the same mix of Enemies we already have anyways.
Poxwalker/ Zombies are the Mainforces, then Hounds/ Hellhounds whatever they are. Traitor Guard with Melee, Ranged or mixed Weapons. Guardsmen Champions and then some specials and Minibosses. AND HOPEFULLY some GODSPECIFIC DEMONS!

I like that, I think everyone does. Easy to implement, makes sense and adds depth to the gameplay.

Yeah right, I wouldn’t get to optimistic here if I were you. I don’t know if Fatshark has licences for other chaos gods which is a big red flag for the point your making. I made a post on how awesome it would be to see demons of other chaos gods but many people quickly pointed out this is beyond the scale of this game. We can only hope, wait and keep our fingers crossed.

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Yeah i did Post aswell…
Maybe its not impossible. Dont we get Chaoswastes in V2?! Well, if there is no more than Nurgle, whats the point doing that one? Then they would have rather done maybe Kieslev Maps or whatever XD

At least one of the chaos Marouders was winding up for a strike with a Maul like weapon like a stormvermin at one point
And we’ve seen a spawn, thats a start for the enemies we know :stuck_out_tongue:

spawn? didnt see… you mean in the gameplay at the finish of the vid? if so that was a plague Ogryn i think

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Rewatched that part and tried to stop
definitly plague but I am not sure if Ogryn or something else
but yeah, for a spawn it is probably not mutilated enough


yeah no problem dude ^^

Not enough tentacles for sure

The last enemy we see is a Plague Ogryn, you can still see it’s gun on it’s back [cross With Aquila]

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