Who else thinks that the gunplay is not rewarding and very clunky?

trying to use a gun (on controller) is riddled with issues, the damage of most guns is appropriate so i don’t have much to say about that. However the actual use of them and having them used on you have a lot of problems in my opinion,

firstly, being shot is very jarring, if you get shot you get an effect on your screen, you get knocked back, and you take damage, all of this combined makes it almost impossible to approach some situations. it also generally doesn’t play well.

secondly, firing guns and aiming them feels very slow and often janky, almost lethargic. as well as the amount your reticle slows down compared to normal looking speed, this all i feel contributes to most people taking out their melee weapon and using that instead.

it doesn’t need to be the next call of duty but the gunplay has many flaws that make it very lethargic and tedious to use. it needs to be cleaned up a lot but if you do manage to iron it out and make it smoother and more responsive I could see many people playing this game a lot more.

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Running head on catching bullets with your teeth Ace Ventura style isn’t going to work so well. You need to suppress them or bob and weave. I always just run at them at an angle and do a lot of sliding right as they are about to fire. Firing the guns feels really good to me.


I also really like how it feels overall. And for what it’s worth I really enjoy the gunplay in Insurgency Sandstorm, Escape from Tarkov and some action-oriented shooters like Call of Duty.

The flinch/interruption mechanic when being shot can be controversial, especially on high difficulties, but so far I’m enjoying the challenge it provides, not making shooters trivial by just rushing them (because AI systems also has their limits and can’t counter everything efficiently enough).

I also know some might do not enjoy that you can’t maintain full auto from hipfire to ADS (there’s a pause between the two).
It’s a different design choice I kinda appreciate as it makes sense the character would readjust the firing position between the two, briefly relaxing the trigger. Just my opinion though.

What I find somewhat artificial is that, so far, with most weapons I used, switching to a range weapon implies playing a “chambering” animation, the character cocking the weapon/manipulating the charging handle/bolt (whatever it’s called in 40K). Every time. It doesn’t make sense and feels like an artificial way to slow down weapon swap.
I get it’s not a Doom game, with near-instant swap, but it feels outdated.
At least it would feel better if there was persistence of the weapons state (unless that’s something very specific to the 40K universe).
Imo it’s designed that way not to confuse people but still conveying the idea of believable weaponry.

Shooting feels great. And the sound design is soooo good!
The boltgun is the best depiction of that insane and iconic 40K weapon.

Also, there are other threads in the Gameplay Feedback section about how weapons feel.

Gun play feels great for me but I’m playing on mouse and keyboard so that might be the difference