Make rasknitt less obnoxious

Long story short, died in the boss battle because I couldn’t hear any specials. Rasknitt is just too loud and talks constantly. Either tone down on the frequency of talks or just turn the volume of him alone down.

I am fine with how he is. I kind of love his evil laughs.

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My current problem is that he is louder than the specials. I guess the lightning also plays a role but since I can’t turn his volume down separately I have a hard time beating him. Well harder than it has or is supposed to be.

You might also like to know that The Skittergate is bugged and eats most of the party’s passives after you pass through it the first time. There are a lot more cards stacked against you than just inadequate audio cues.

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Also the super bright cave. Hurts my eyes every time. Similar to the Sigmar temple just 5 times worse.

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