Make Hero Power only affect damage & Make traits more focused

Hero power should not affect stagger or number of enemies hit. As is, Hero Power is just too over-complicated to balance correctly. It does not make transitioning from difficulty to difficulty enjoyable because of the mechanical difference. I don’t really like Hero Power to begin with as a concept, (one of the major things to turn me off of Destiny and similarly with retail WoW with repetitive gear score grind) but for it to stay I think this would be a good choice, especially for allowing replacement of the wonky Hero Power traits (for subclasses who have them) with traits that focus more specifically on hitting more enemies / doing more damage in a cleave, or dealing more stagger( or stun?)

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idk how to really solve this problem because i see what the devs want to do with hero power and that is to give gear and your lvl more meaning in the game then just traits on and and stats but the problem is that they hero power locked recruit and veteran so you cant be super powerful. it seems that the devs had an idea but just threw it in the trash because the thing they put in the game to make you powerful was… powerful… so they were like… lets head a different direction but leave the hero power system while capping it so it does not matter on recruit or veteran.

its so weird that they made this choice especially at such a time… like weeks after release… basically now the only thing that makes you stronger in this game now is stats and traits… but like in destiny if your gear lvl is lower then the adds you are annihilated.

maybe a way to fix this is to remove the power cap so hero power matters again but thats all i got

I don’t think stagger absolutely NEEDS to be removed from hero power necessarily, but I think that the amount of enemies hit (‘cleave’) should not be affected by Hero Power at all. That’s a very weird thing to balance along the breakpoints while the damage dealt is gradual so the numbers are not that important to know.