Hero power make items less important

Well, first of all, let me say that my english is limited and i will try to conduce my arguments the best i can. Thank you for your pacience.

The issue that i want to talk about is hero power, and how it makes items less valuable.
Since some of your stats, this including your damage output, it’s calculated using your hero power, traits of rare weapons are beacoming less uselfull, and item rarity a comodity that will be left behind in a couple of levels when you’re leveling.

In vermintide 1, getting an orange (and red) item was exiting. Yes, the stat could be bad, but with time and a little bit of grinding you could turn that weapon in something really uselfull. I remember my first orange weapon i had (A 2hand axe for Bardin) and trougth my +300 hours, i still have it, and it’s plenty uselfull.

Now, unless you had hit your hero power cap from your lootboxes (100 novice, 200 veteran etc etc)
any rare items you get will be tossed apart because you will get a “green” or a “grey” with better hero powe that your “orange”. This is remanecent from some MMOs like WoW. And if i had to be honest, is something that really anoyes me the most.

The time i spet leveling my characters I had to “not care” for my weapon stats, because in a couple of chest i will get new gear with more hero power that will replace my actual gear. And because of this, items now are not that important.

I dont have a lot of solutions for this issue, because most of them create more problems that would need to be fixed. I think what could be done is to have a “hero power range” for each rarity. A “grey” item will not get more that, i dont know, 100 hero power, for example. Greens could range from 50 to 150 and so on.

With that in mind, please, make my rare items drops mean anything more that just a comodity that will be replaced in a couple of matches.


You hit the nail on the head. (I agree 100%)
This is what turns me away from MMOs nowadays, and what makes something like vanilla World of Warcraft very popular again. (VS. new WoW) Destiny suffers from the same problem of basing everything on a single number, it’s very mindless and uninspiring.