Have stagger/number hit be fixed instead of based on power

Should stagger and number hit be brought back to how vermintide 1 did it, with fixed stagger and cleave for a given weapon? It would make power less dynamic and fun as it would only affect damage at that point, but it would make weapons more distinct and reliable. Swings won’t stop midswing because your power level simply stated that your attack can’t cleave as far as you would like. Also, weapons would have unique (noticeably and predictably so) hit patterns that I think would give more control to the player and help the health of the game.

I do like how axes have minor cleave now (essential, given the increased horde sizes IMO) so I am not entirely opposed to the many cleave changes done in this game, but I think it needs to be standardized. An unpredictable cleave and stagger pattern can lead to unwanted damage and frustration for the player. I don’t have a character at 600 so I don’t know if the game/cleave/stagger stats are based around 600 power heroes on champion difficulty (for example), but not knowing the “base stats” can make it difficult to predict and fight the enemy.


The whole power mechanic is simply ill conceived. All it does is give new players a bad first impression of the combat system because they start with no power and veteran players frustration when they have the grind for hours or days to get the correct traits on their weapon to bring their power level up. Too many times in this game I feel like I’m hitting a damage sponge as opposed to meaningful enjoyable combat.

In Vermintide 1 you could just pick up a weapon and start chopping off heads with it even if it didn’t have bloodlust or swift slaying. Here you gotta go through a bunch of grinding and constantly have to recalculate your weapon efficiency. Then when you finished grinding and get your weapon to the perfect stats you realize it still sucks and you’ve wasted your inventory and time.

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I think they should be totally decoupled. Hero power should only affect damage dealt- this way they can remove hero power traits and replace them with focused traits on dealing damage/doing more cleave/doing more stagger.

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