Make Every Shot Count is a sick joke

100% accuracy - I would bet 100% of the top professionals in the world couldn’t pull this off with regular play in how hectic this game is on heresy difficulty, not to mention the fact that the registration makes you miss all the time.

No ammo left at end of the mission - You designed this class to freaking regen ammo, how the hell would you think this is a good idea?

Rework this damn Penance, here’s an idea for you, lower the accuracy to 80 to 85% and require the user to have to use an amount of ammo equal to 100-200% of what their gun spawns with. So that they actually have to utilize their weapon and ammo and it does not hinder the play style.

Whoever designed this Penance is a Sadist.


Ageeed this one is crazy.

Funny thing though…seems like you dont have to play vet for it. Ogryn can unlock it too

Not after 1.0.10 if the patchnotes are to be trusted.

i wan’t to know if anyone ever managed to do this?

i tried the much easier penance to not take melee dmg, and would have managed to do so but a hound jumped on me and thats apparently considered a melee attack for some reason so im guessing mutan aswell

I have not, but I think it’s likely to not be that hard in a premade.

Obviously you need your friends helping, but use the revolver, and aim to get your shot to exit and hit another zombie. 200% acc. Do most of your shooting near the exit, and spend most of your time with your sword. Shotgun might also work, since you could hit more then one with each shot.

You’re giving Fatshark too much credit to think that they would make the percentile additive like that. They can’t even give us weapon stats, you really think they track stats in that way? I guarantee its 1 shot missed = failed run.

I doubt it, because of how the scoreboard worked in Vermintide. You could come out of a match with a million bajillion damage. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but not by much.)

Why? Because even if you killed a target with 1 damage but did 100 with your shot, it counted as 100. There was a guy who ran the blunderbuss constantly in V1 and always came out with just ridiculous numbers. That doesn’t show now because the scoreboard isn’t there, but it’s the same company, so fair chance it tracks the same way.

And the revolver over-penetrates well in meatgrinder, doesn’t have much ammo, and can go on the vet.

Damage is not the same as accuracy, damage is flat numbers accuracy is percentage based 99% plus 100% is not 100% its like 99.9% or whatever. Its multiplicative rather than additive.

Depends on how the numbers are crunched. If I’m right, and I don’t actually know I am, but I very well could be by the number of games that calculate it this way, two hits with 1 bullet is 200%. ten hits with one bullet is 1000%.

Now, if you want to take issue with the concept of 1000%, you are welcome to do so, but I’m not the “mathematician” who put it in many game.

And even if I’m wrong, the revolver has about 40 rounds. Get to the end, fire them at close range at a mob.

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Ok, say it is additive like you are saying, you are forgetting 1 big part, the fact that one elite dying in your coherency makes you regenerate ammo, not to mention with the revolver you have to reload and its not like its a speed reloader, even though they have plasma guns, god forbid a speed reloader for a revolver. It takes forever to reload the revolver, and in heresy difficulty elites are spawning constantly.

I will leave it at that because neither of us can prove it, maybe we will see when Fatshark puts in the scoreboard but I doubt they will add accuracy to it.

Better yet, considering so many Veterans are struggling with this and you say it can’t be too hard with a premade, how about you show us. I have been trying for the past 3 days to get this done with Premades through their discord and half of the groups can’t even get to the end of the mission because Heresy is bugged and is always increased hordes.

Here is a way to cheat it.

Use almost all ammo at the end of a mission, disconnect, join back and don’t miss now with what left.

If you did it, you get challenge done.
Accuracy resets after disconnect.

do i just leave with the leave button or do i have to alt f4

I did it… with the Ogryn and unlocked it for the Veteran… them crazy bugs!

I’ll be glad to give it a try and see how I do, but it’s not likely to be today or tomorrow, but I most certainly do plan to get that cool cosmetic in the next week or so. I’ll be glad to report back when I get around to it, but you’ll have to wait on me to do it in my own time.

alt 4

BUT after realease I wasnt able to rejoin any missions so far (3 times game crushed during missions and when I load the game no option to rejoin group).

keep it in mind thanks anyway, not usally like cheesing but the conditions are just rediculous

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