Make characters FEEL amazing. [To play]

Well this is a first time post on FS forums. So here goes.

I’m reposting something I wrote in the V2 Steam forums. For some reason I thought the feedback might be taken seriously over there…But I quickly realised it’s more of a place to flame other people [joking].

Anyway, the topic i replied to was something about how “Unchained buff’s made it a class for noobs”, which to sum up the thread there were people on the side of “the class is bad now because it is noob friendly / should be nerfed.” fighting with the people who though “she feels great to play now, extremely fun”. It just got me thinking about the idea of characters “feeling” fun to play. I wrote the following. I guess it’s my feedback [Read: Opinion].

To be honest, they need to remove the 30% CDR talent from every character in this game. It’s bloody boring. The talent tier should dramatically change the characters ulti in three different ways [And each choice will be vastly better than the vanilla ulti].

Like with the BH, it was an awesome idea to have options like turning his ult into a conical blunder bus shot for clearing a massive chunk of the horde immediately in front of you, but the down side is less AP. Or with the double shot being amazing single target high AP damage, but the horde clear suffers.

The third should have been a shot that has unlimited penetration of something. Something akin to like the Gauss gun in other games. I don’t know, just an idea off the top of my head.

I want the choices to be exciting! CDR being the best choice for most characters is just boring. I really wish that they brought in CDR as a stat people could roll their weapons charms neck trink etc. Maybe so someone who has fully invested in CDR at the expense of other damage stats can have up to like 50%?

Once again, these are just ideas off the top of my head. At the end of the day I want people to have CHOICES, something that makes you love your own style of play even more.

Just my 2c.

Oh, and make it so when a character uses their ulti it looks AWESOME for them AND those around them. BM’s ulti gun shouldn’t look like the stock standard build, they should look different depending on which talent you chose. And let other players NOTICE it when it’s used. And massive BOOM, sparks and shite, I don’t know. Same goes for other characters, I want to see and hear when a Kerillian goes into stealth and courageously saves me from the CW that was about to deliver the final blow.

Make. Characters. Feel. Awesome!

Don’t even get me started on WHC, Zealot, Battlewizard, Mercenary, and Handmaiden. I don’t care what you say, their ulti’s look boring, feel boring, and are boring. They need to be amalgamated into new ulti’s. E.g. Merc still does the same but have him stomp the ground with a thunderous crack and battlecry, Handmaiden dashes forward like atm but with a big penetrating horizontal slice [you know like in the animes where there samurai dashes through a group then slowly puts his sword back into the sheath, then everyone falls down dead behind. That fruity stuff]. Hell, make the WHC’s ult like McCree’s ult from Overwatch. I don’t bloody care, just do something!

Hm…Guess this turned into a rant. My bad.


Anyway, I just wanted this to be seen. Hopefully by FS.

The tl;dr? I want choices. I want characters to feel unique from one another. I want to know when my team mates are doing awesome stuff in battle, and I want them to know when I do it too.

A little selfish, but I don’t care. Hah. If anyone has any opinions I’d love to hear it. There is a lot of great ideas on this forum, I hope FS do take them into consideration. I love this game.

[Also, I’m new to writing on forums, how do I add tags?]


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The 1.0.8 beta patch has this visual improvement for stealth for all characters :slight_smile: it looks awesome

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Oh really?? I’ll have to get on and check. For some reason I haven’t been able to get many games with people on the BETA to test these things.

Thanks for the headsup @Flinlock

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There are a lot of Talents right now that need tweaking, either a level being a no-choice or a choice between two Talents effectively. Sometimes that’s because one talent is just essential for the character’s survival, other times because others are underwhelming or too situational.

More directly on topic, yes, the cooldown reduction Talents are boring. I don’t agree that on most characters they’d be the best choice, but on some they certainly are. I pick BH as an example, too: Either of the others just gives up a critical aspect of his Career skill use: The ability to stun bigger enemies. And because his skill is instant and usable in practically all situations, CDR is always useful. Thus, even if the other choices are more interesting, CDR is the one to (usually) go for.

There is one career that doesn’t have CDR in his lv25 choices, though, but even he has mostly one pick. Ironbreaker has a choice between bigger area, longer duration or boss taunting. Bigger area might be useful in a few places (Athen Yenlui with its large amounts of open space comes to mind), and boss taunt is useful if you and your buddies have trouble juggling boss aggro otherwise (and even then, due to long cooldown, it’s an emergency measure). Longer duration is useful nearly always (and you can just ignore it when it isn’t) and makes you even tougher than before. It might be overkill sometimes, but at but it’s useful far, far more often than the other two.

I’ve been thinking about making a long post concerning my thought about talents and their balance, but with the amount of other (more urgent, in my opinion) stuff I’ve been putting it off. Once 1.0.8 goes live, I might do it, depending on how well weapon and career balance seems to be there.

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Completely agree on lvl 25 cdr talent, i’d really like some choice on that tier.
Some skills are pretty boring too(both visually and funtionally). i hope FS will make all careers awesome in the future.
Another issue for me personally is lvl 20 talents. They are just boring, and you always get the same one on every single character/career.
What i’d like to see instead is a talent tier completely dedicated to passive(s), with temp health being just baseline(from the start or at lvl 20 if you really want that). Something like lvl 15 talents but with more radical changes.
Something like
Kerrilian now regens when above 50% hp, delay between heals reduced by 2 seconds.
or When regen is active she gets 10% as and crit chance but dodge distance is reduces by 20%
or Regen removed, now gets 5% of missing hp over 2 seconds on headshot, 5 seconds cd(ammo regen would trigger along with healing if you have that lvl 15, and increased healing on 15 should increase the amount of health you get and etc…).
And you know stuff like that for each career out there.

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I’d be interested in hearing it mate!

I totally agree, extremely boring! TBH I even think the “5% increased attack speed” while good, is still boring. The suggestions you posted are immediately more exciting. Do I go for survivability or extra damage at the cost of dodge distance. Something actually designed for that character. Not blanket talents for all characters, it takes away from the uniqueness of that character.

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