Lucius Pattern Charge attack and Bayonet Buff (Ogryn Stab Buff needed now)

Seriously they are damn good now. I fiddled in Psykhanium and wow.
Finally we got the Bayonet Charge kinda like in Battlefield. It doesnt do more damage, but the Mobility is EPic. ALso the Bayonet damage is insanely good now. I checked MkI & II and they both have stab. I reckon the MkIII has the same. this thing oneshots everything Unarmoured and Flak shooters in the Head. Also you can penetrate 2 Infested. Its super fast and just a Joy to use.
For all the Krieg Boys out there have Fun, i will soon aswell. Now you really can do Krieg Bayonet Charges or holdong the Line like in EPic Ways. Its so damn Good!

Now that we actually have working Bayonets. the Ogryn could use the same attack speed on Rippers like the Lucius have. There is absolutely no reason not to do it!


I thought that the Bayonet charge now does more damage too? It can take even down Ragers or Mutants pretty easily, that’s what finally sold me on swapping out my MG IV Infantry Lasgun for the Mk II Helbore Lasgun. I ADORE that we can shout “FOR THE EMPEROR!” as we’re bayonet charging the baddies, too.


Mk3 does a slash instead, and I dunno the animation is janky AF when it cleaves and the damage is poor, you can do 2 attacks in the time it takes to throw 6 stabs. It unfortunately can not ride this band wagon at all.

Meanwhile I committed to stab only with Mk1, shooting things I couldn’t poke like you’d expect a bayonet rifle to do and had around 350k melee damage. It holds its own until crushers appear, which I would just charge shot instead. I can kill Ragers with 3 headshots and they get staggered by a poke. Its very fun and effective.

Please fix sighted sway on Mk2, and go back to the drawing board on Mk3’s bayonet attack.


I’ve never noticed any weird sway on the Mk II, is this a big issue?

oh yeah its massive. you hold the Mk2 aimed like you’re about to pass out from exhaustion.

the sway values are [76.51 | 5.59] for Mk1 and Mk3 and [118.79 | 46.67] for Mk2. Basically a 20% stability roll Mk1 will sway far less than an 80% roll Mk2. This was supposed to be a change for the entire group in the Signal Update, but they forgot or something. I keep reminding them.


FWIW Ripper poke is mainly a Can Opener applicator, a T4 will apply max stacks brittle debuff in 1 poke.

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Also Ripper stab staggers Crushers and below.

If it attacked any faster, I would just use it as my melee weapon full time! Budget gun-spear anyone…?

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When i tested it i did like 738dmg charged running or not. SO maybe im missing something?!

Yes thats the Point with Ogryns after they run out of Ammo!

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Ohhhh you meant while charging! I thought you meant full stop! Actually, a momentum stack or something would go a long way with the bayonet charge :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My Stubber’s special smack attack applies fat stacks of Rending with my Rending + Frag Bomb + Indomitable build. It’s a lot of fun, and it also applies to my Cleaver’s heavy attack.

Didn’t they buff Ripper stab speed already? Long before other weapon’s stabs?

Yes, like running charge attack, its possible, but doesnt do more damage, but still Cool!

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u mean the 10% Rending on Heavy attack, after you kill an ELite?

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Not so long ago. Its not really faster, but more reliable. Sometimes it did bug out and you could stab nearly as fast as possible to click your Mouse.

ahhh, good times :laughing:

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Yeah, adding a bunch of Rending buffs together and smacking them in the face with your Heavy Stubber is the funniest feeling.

Imagine if Male Cadian Vets did some of their VoC lines with the bayonet charge :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:
At least we can Cheer as an alternative, though :kissing_heart:


Ripper stabs are fine. They’re broken with Can Opener. No idea why they even buffed the Blessing as much as they did when it was already massively overperforming.

Can Opener on the Helbores would be interesting, though.

Not broken, a while back when the Ripper was buffed it also got its Can Opener tweaked to apply max stacks of brittle.
When the big balance #13 dropped, the rending/brittle was reworked and stacks were changed to 2.5 rather than 5%, so it now only applied half of max. Then next updated brought it back to max stacks at T4 in 1 poke.

Poke+shoot vs Armor is by design.