Lucius Lasgun does not feel good

Playing with the Lucius Mk1, it doesn’t feel good to play.
Problems: It has awful handling, switch to speed is huge
Compared to the XII Lasgun, it does significantly less damage outside of a full charge and drains the battery quickly.
Bayonet functions well, but ADS bayonet has a long backswing (also does more damage for some reason)


Upon using, I could only compare it to the XII lasgun as well. Feels like I have to charge it all the way up to do the same or slightly more damage than an XII shot, only I can fire the XII immediately and at only 3 ammo cost.

The Lucius needs a large damage buff. It’s also highly affected by suppression and doesn’t feel very accurate.

Edit: after playing more, I tried the MK II Lucius which I like. It’s just so much faster and more responsive than the MK I or MK III, both of which I still think handle like crap.