Low FPS for the beta

Is this a common thing, im sitting around 45 fps for the overworld fps but when i get in game it drops to like 20s. Is there a fix to this, i lowered my graphics and everything. My buddy has higher fps and for some reason he cant even change his graphics setting. it sits at low, lower than mine.


I also am basically “stuck” in the low 20’s with 60ms or so frametimes, even when using FSR 1.0 on performance at 720p resolution (so game is rendered at like 360p or so).

Game needs more engine optimization.

I have the same problem, lowered everything and lucky to get 15 fps on a 3070ti

This is the performance I’m getting sometimes. I noticed if the servers are freaking out It also tanks performance.

This is 720p with FSR set to performance (so the game is rendering about 360p) on the lowest settings possible, on my Ryzen 5500u laptop (25w mode).

The game has quite a bit of performance optimization issues.
I am also getting a lot of “memory size exceeded” errors, leading me to think there is a memory leak since I know I’m not actually hitting my memory limit.

For the devs:

  1. Gameplay is awesome, but they need to do some serious optimization.
  2. I would like to see a “performance” setting that is bellow “low”. There is ALOT of effects still in the game on low, like background ambient smoke and stuff. There is alot that could be done to help with low end systems.
  3. I would also like to see FSR 2.1 implemented since you already have DLSS in the game (and they use about 80% redundant code, so implementation would take little effort). FSR2.1 will be far more useful to a much wider range of people since it supports ALL hardware, including the consoles.

Note: Ignore my GPU clock, it is incorrectly reported due to a driver bug.