Lot of crashes - unplayable

Hi Guys,

everytime i do a mission the game crashes after a while.
Any hints?

GUID: 9a00f281-3481-487e-98a4-550ee253fde1
Log File:
Info Type:

If you are running with mods, disables them all and try again.

If you are crashing, grab the log files for every crash and record them alongside the GUID to drop them in for analysis.

If you are running DX12, try swapping back to DX11.

If you are running high graphics, try swapping to lower settings.

Are you crashing at a specific point/time (exactly 3/4/5 minutes after launch/lobby is created)?
Are you doing a specific thing when you crash (blocking, dodging, stabbing a Rat-Ogre)?
Are you playing on the official servers or the modded servers?
Are you a lumberfoot?
Are you crashing as the host or as the client?

Just questions/potential options for troubleshooting; no guarantee any of them will work, but if they do then we have identified the issue :grinning:

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I’m not runnig with mods
with crash file do you mean this?
[Crash Link]:

Ive running with DX11
Graphic is on lowest setting
no specific point more or less random but always ingame maybe after 15 min round about
im playing on offical server
what is a lumberfoot? :smiley:
both way as host and as client

i hope you can find out!

P.S. or do you mean this files?
crash_dump-2019-03-26-17.33.29-97b2568d-abcc-418c-8eb1-865b89022908.dmp (473.0 KB)
crash_dump-2019-03-26-19.16.03-c14a53ce-98e7-4f3c-958a-4b752332867d.dmp (519.9 KB)
crash_dump-2019-03-26-19.31.28-2bb7df87-ca02-417c-8114-46b04b05172a.dmp (520.0 KB)

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and i already install my nvidia drivers again with that cleaning setting

I can see your GPU doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2 which could well be contributing to the crashes. Although your GPU is newer, it isn’t quite as powerful as the minimum requirement being the older GTX 460.

However, it’s unclear as to whether this is the main culprit! The crashes you’re experiencing are called Access Violations, and we have a list of potential solutions for this particular crash here which I’d recommend you run through. :slight_smile:


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