Linux support(?)

I know the formal answer is that Linux is not supported, on PC only Windows is (see Easy Anti-Cheat sabotages multiplayer on Linux (Steam Play Proton)).

I also know that the main issue seems to be EAC, and not the game itself.

I would just like to raise the noition that Linux support would be awesome, even if it means some hassle from Fatshark’s side with EAC (or well, Epic).

Or is it a technical hassle to use VAC instead of EAC on Linux?

I literally keep a bootable Windows partition just to play Vermintide now and then. And quite frankly, that happens less frequently nowadays since more and more games function flawlessly on Linux (for old men like me that means games like World of Tanks, FAF (supcom), Divinity Original Sin 2, Everspace, etc).


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