Light stagger overlapping heavy stagger

I know it has been mentioned before but I feel like this is still an issue in need of more attention. I think it’s fine for heavy staggers to overlap light staggers, but not vice versa. Let the poor FK have some fun please.


Amen brother

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What does it mean for staggers to overlap?

Scroll down to find three more clips. Its a mix of stagger overwrites and rubber banding elites.

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Pushing an enemy that is lying on the floor will have him instantly stand up and be “lightly” staggered.

A common example would be say a footknight charging a heap of berserkers and knocking them to the ground. Then he or someone else walks up to attack them but doing so flinches them.

The flinch cancels the knockback&knockdown, making the bersekers instantly stand up and then start an attackchain.

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