Level 30 Preacher feedback (Class and game)

Hey guys, here’s my opinion on the game as a level 30 preacher. I clear level 4 missions didn’t try 5, played alot of vt2 :

Preacher :

  • Shotgun and pistol are terrible. You sacrifice a lot of ammo, round per minutes, DPS and aim for a little bit more of knockback on hit, that’s it. Shotgun has next to no armor penetration or piercing, gun feels terrible to aim. Horrible reload time for an already subpar weapon class

  • The whole low life spec of the class is completely useless because of chip damage that goes though toughness. You’d think that you can play as zealot in VT2, get low and proc your cheat death and keep the low life bonus except you immediately get one shot from the next melee swing you didn’t account for even if your shield is full

  • The hammer is also pretty sub par, it’s neither good at killing horde (Charged r2 will kill nothing in a horde, just send mobs flying and make it easier for you to get a poke from the side / behind) and the special attack, which is slow as hell will not even one shot maulers in difficulty 3. I legit have less issues handeling hordes and elites with an axe. It would be cool if the special did some kind of aoe stagger on hit for lesser ennemies maybe?

Overall gameplay :

  • In my observation, I think the preacher is more melee than ranged oriented, I’m not a huge fan of taking a lasgun with it as I feel it doesn’t really fin with the class fantasy, which is a bit sad because lasguns are indusputably top tier atm

It feels even worse in missions where there are over a 100 ranged spawned in a single big room, where cover will not work from any angle. The tutorial tells us to engage ranged in close combat to prevent them from firing, but it’s almost always impossible to do without taking heavy health damage the more you ramp up in difficulty.

  • Also some cover don’t work, some of those waist high just don’t prevent gunners from chipping at you somehow. Maybe I didn’t hide well enough. IDK.

  • Also maybe it’s intentionnal but every single mission in difficulty 4 or more is endless horde, even if not tagged as such, which is not my favourite tbh.

Good game though, definitively having a great time, even tho sometimes the ranged ennemies overflow is a bit frustrating.


Try the braced auto, you’ll have plenty of ammo for the ranged ones that you can’t get to. Though running, sliding, dodging and ulting will mostly be enough if you have a high mobility melee (knife or tactical axe).

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