Let us choose missions

I think it would be the prison assassination, actually.

That’s very subjective and honestly both of them are equally crap at story. Which you should expect from any MP game.

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Gross. Those sorts of endings are like watching paint dry.

This would be a contender IMO.

Relay Station would be my choice for zipping, the map can be done in like 15 minutes with Maelstrom mods…

That’s called retention nowadays.

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From what we can tell, they didn’t. They moved to AWS gaming cloud instances.

Each instance gets spun up on demand for a map, and terminated when empty for a period of time. Players then get passed around these instances. Yes, your instance of the Mourningstar is one of those. I can imagine with this system they don’t want 100s of one-player instances sitting there waiting for people to show up.

I’ve a hunch that down the line, DT will move to being P2P. I can’t see that the shop will keep paying for these, but maybe I’m just naive to how much fans are willing to spend there.

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Don’t tease me with stuff FS promised and isn‘t planning to deliver anymore… :wink:

I mean, it’s kinda inevitable that somewhere down the line the cost of maintaining this game will outweigh the profit, and if that happens having a p2p option would be great.

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That might be my hunch as well, the majority of players I see have something purchased.

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Still want this and proper bots not the generic mcdefaults that replace dropped players.

I think they want to make it easy for players to find a team because everyone will be in the same “current” mission available. But I didn’t see that problem in V2 where they don’t have this system.

This sums up a lot of thinghs about the game, especially when you consider that a lot of these thinghs are actual downgrades compared to VT2.

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Don’t worry, back in November they promised good bots are coming and it’s the only thing standing between us and solo play.
November 2022 btw

I’m not super for letting players choose maps with 100% granularity. I’d hate to play the same community-approved-for-most-gains-least-effort maps and have map meta discussions ad nauseum. Especially with the new penances.

What I would like to see is:

  • lobby browser for active games
  • load out screen accessible via quickplay

The second one in particular seems like a major QoL change for a (potentially) minor effort.

Some more Maelstroms would be nice, there’s like 10+ at the moment and only 2 slots for them. Also sometimes the condition and map don’t even change when the countdown ends stifling it more.

The fact that you can just do this in a roundabout fashion with Many More Try makes me wonder why they don’t allow it anyway. Until they kill this like they did rain’s darktide app that gave us all the fun of the armory without the logging in or installing the game again.

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A maelstrom per difficulty on rotation would be super appreciated!!!

One thing to remember is that it took a while for V2 to get many QoL features we take for granted and my only hope is that they replicate this in DT down the line.

I just wonder why the same old mistakes. The only way I can attempt to understand it is, they have a process they follow and so went back to square one and build the game from the ground up because “its worked twice before”? and they tweak as they go, making improvements over time that hopefully end up better than the previous iterations (not just for us, but for them too i.e. makes more money, gains more players, needs less work)

But you would still have quickplay, which annoyingly in V2 just chooses the least played maps.
Having multiple ways to select levels would be my personal fave. Like a combination of V2 and DT.
Id like to see all of the options like a lobby list so you can join in progress, have the ability to choose what level u want and have what DT has currently, being QP and the timed selection with special modifiers.

You’d have quickplay, albeit with a watered down selection of maps. Yes I am trusting the random offering over player agency! Primarily I am trusting that people will optimise the fun out of the experience. I’m not entirely against map/modifier choice, but I’m hesitant to call it open season.

For instance it’s a bummer that many people couldn’t play the new pox gas modifier when it came out, or that the mercantile district map was so prevalent. Or sometimes the offering doesn’t quite match the mood of the gaming session. Complete randomness has its drawbacks for sure.

I can’t speak to quickplay in V2 since I only ever played with friends and for better or worse DT doesn’t offer the same campaign/competent AI experience. However I do enjoy the randomness of darktide quickplay, since I don’t really care which map I get. Would be nice to have a moment to adjust the loadout before a qp match though.

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