Learning from Warframe


1: I’m only mashing wind so don’t get too angry, it’s bad for your heart.

2: I’m not asking for a clone of Warframe with goblins although now I that type that awesome image…

OK. To the meat.

If I was given creative control I’d import a few ideas (but far from all) things from Warframe.

What, I hear you ask all atremble, things?

Firstly instead of planets of the solar system, I’d have cities of the world that have several of their own levels. Instead of only being loosely connected missions though, each city would have its own story /s.

Then you could have a bigger choice of heroes as some heroes would be persona non grata in some areas (although you could tie that to difficulty if you had 'friendly npc’s who would also fight you).

To save years of balancing you could have the five archetypes simply reskinned for other races. Slot based so you couldn’t get 5 mages (or maybe you could in custom games?)

This would stop the ‘three of the same maps in a row’ thing that can happen now while expanding the game.

I’d also have a large open area (or 3) where you could free play as solo or group to find rare drops, crafting materials and big monsters.

Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it?

The one thing I really want this game to take from Warframe is host migration that doesn’t restart the level.


I would also like Vermintide 2 to be a completely different game also, that’s why I play it so frequently.

And, I think featuring goblins instead of rat-men is great, totally cannon and wouldn’t harm the visage of the game at all.

Very much this!

“The one thing I really want this game to take from Warframe is host migration that doesn’t restart the level.”

Warframe sadly didnt master that either often resulting in lost loot.
What i would love to see from warframe is:
1) 2 keybind slots
2) small pebbles on map geometry are not a “wall” and enemies can be walked/jumped through if down

The thing I most like about Vermintide 2 is that its not Warframe!
If I would make Vermintide 2 I would make it nothing like Warframe!
All we need is dedicated servers!

If you buy few million copies of the game i think they will consider it.


Yeah, he should try posting this on the Vermintide 3 forums.

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