Lawbringer shotgun makes nothing right

well thats a lot of conflicting opinions but ive read through the post twice now and it seems that you have taken each aspect of the shotgun and found things that do that better.
But i think thats quite normal, around here you will hear a phrase jack of all trades master of none. sure there are better snipers and better horde clears but the shotgun is good at both and more and i cant think of any weapon that does as many roles as well.

it would be the ideal ill agree but im not sure its practical or happens , according to the forums and youtube videos there are many careers and weapons that are not cata viable in vermintide even now all these years later.
i think its fine on heresy i dont feel others are underperforming when they use it and happy with my performance when i do. you disagree , fair enough , and i have no opinion on damnation i dont play it.

but again ill say this

i see a lot claims on these forums that as far as balance goes its t5 or gtfo , but i see no evidence this game or any other is balanced that way, infact each time the argument “try that on damnation!” is made it to me is a tacit agreement that its obviously not balanced around it.

i mean what games are balanced against the top end? the only one i can think of is mordhau , and well look how that ended.

and why would you how does it make sense to baalnce against apparently 0.3% of your playerbase . myself id aim for dead centre of the bell curve.

Once again, the problem is that it isn’t good at it, just middle. It’s way better to pick a ranged that is good at one thing only, and compensate it’s weaknesses with a melee that is good doing another thing. At least this is how I see it myself.

STILL I just saw someone posted that the shotgun does more damage (like double) the longer the distance with the enemy, and the devs labeled it as “acknowledged”. That might be the explanation of why it feels more like a rifle than a shotgun lol. We’ll see what happens with that! I’ll try it myself later today.

Do play it, (if you want) damnation is not like cata, it’s just heresy with enemies that are a bit tougher.

Live I’ve said, damnation is not cata (it’s easier), and though it’s true there’s little people playing on damnation, I don’t think it’s as little as 0.3% of the player base. But hey, I just want the shotgun to feel as good as the other weapons on heresy, I can perform good with it, but I easily perform better with any other weapon and that sucks. But anyway, let’s see what happens with that post I said!

Alternatively a rework of the Emperors Executioner:

Killing an enemy with a Ranged Weapon That was marked by an ally, returns some ammo to the magazine. (reduces reload times).

Grant a crit on the first target marked by an ally, if your ranged weapon isn’t equipped.

Add a Bleed effect on the first shot every 10 seconds, making it pair nicely with the Bloodletter build.

This gun somehow have worst DPS at close range compared to braced autogun while also having worst ammo management too.

It probably a little bit better at long range accuracy but the damage is still quite underwhelming, I need to pump like 5-6 rounds to down a Scab gunner while braced autogun only need like 1/4 of magazine if I’m lucky.

It’s still fun to use though, would be pretty great if it could have it own niche. I would say add big damage multiplier when use at close range or something along the line.

I read that everywhere, but how do you do this?
LIke honestly, I tried it in the meatgrinder, I need atleast 2-4 shot depending on the enemy, so at this point I might aswell wipe out my Revolver.

The only thing I wish for is to be able load more than one special rounds, otherwise yeah, its a worse wave clearing weapon than lets say a flamethrower but pretty satisfying against close up specials even on heresy.

If anything the ammo count makes no sense. I would personally probably use it more if it had more but right now it feels like the only weapon where i really have to do any sort of ammo management.

I really like the shotgun and play it on heresy+ with very good winrate.
If i had to change something:

  • should be able to carry more ammo (around 100 to 150 would be nice on higher difficulties).
  • the alt fire shouldnt be just a single bullet, but rather you should be able to toggle between normal/spread bullets.
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I have to admit when I was working on the Make every shot count penance and i wanted a gun with limited ammo that was easier to dump I thought id try this instead of the revolver since its shotgun nature would make not missing any shot a bit easier to do legitimately.

Heresy+ this thing really struggled compared to the 5 shooter. They both have low fixed limit ammo capacities which means its not unreasonable to expect their shooting to do some work, but while the revolver happily one-taps people and blows them to bits the shotgun sometimes struggled to even reliably take down chaff.

I’d have thought that the ability to spread that damage around or heavily stagger would be the trade off, but then you remember the revolver has stupid good penetration which to a large group has the same effect but deleting columns instead of rows, and generally staggers better too.

These two guns are really comparable in a lot of aspects so it feels strange that the shotgun ended up feeling markedly worse. Not that it cant be used to good effect, but I do have to ask why the shotgun ends up needing to be the high skill trickshot gun to work and the revolver is the monster muncher that assblasts anything in the general direction you point it in.

And then the revolver being a pistol was more manurable too, but being a pistol that was to be expected.

Maybe it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve been trying to have a go at Heresy with the Lawbringers on my Veteran, and I have to say it suffers.

The ‘special’ is only useful in very specific circumstances (horde). The stumble is nice to have, but not something I’d build around on a Veteran. Damage is good, and great on headshots, but again, it’s not a standout.

Which is really annoying, as I really wanted to like this gun. But the sad facts are:

  • it excels against hounds and mutants. That’s about it.
  • almost anything it can do, a heavy braced autogun can do better - it kills elites faster, it chews through hordes faster, it has significantly more ammunition. Maybe it’s worse at killing snipers.
  • the boltgun EXISTS and has notably better damage with comparable ammo while also shitting on Bulwarks and carapace armor.

Using it on the Zealot has the same problem - the boltgun exists.

Shotgun needs some kind of buff that would make it stand out. It also needs a different special - current one is just bad. Maybe an explosive or incendiary shell. Hell, even a flashlight would be an improvement.

Nah, shotty you can pull out and shoot immediately in a pinch, not really comparable to bolter at all. As you basically already pointed out the braced autogun (mk VIII in particular) is its real competition. Other people have also pointed out revolver but I’ve never used that gun so can’t comment.

I’d just up the ammo (probably around 100 reserve ammo) and up the stagger a bit further so it’s a bit more reliable to interrupt things without a headshot on Heresy+. It does have surprisingly excellent effective range, also I’m fine with special round being a single shot per load, but perhaps the load animation should be sped up a bit.