Launching Game Disables Keyboard Backlight

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I have an Alienware 15 R3 which I use to play Vermintide 2. Today my keyboard’s backlight quit working when I launch the game. This issue has seemingly arisen out of nowhere. I have been playing for several weeks now. Typically, the game changes my backlight according to where I am (regardless of whether AlienFX is enabled/disabled). Now however, the keyboard backlight just turns off altogether. I have tried updating my all of my associated drivers. I have tried to disable/reenable AlienFX via Alienware software and my keyboard in/before/after the game. I have tried disabling/reenabling AlienFX via in game menu. Nothing seems to be working for me. Does anyone have any ideas what’s going on or what I might do to fix this? V2 is the only game causing this issue.

Thank you in advance and sorry if I’m slow to reply.

I’ve queried this internally to see if anybody has any ideas on how to resolve this.

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Thank you, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an Alienware issue but any help which can be provided is appreciated. It has started working again intermittently but in no part due to any updates (as far as I can tell).

Does it use seperate RGB software? I had RGB software that threw up errors ages ago. I think it was something to do with the AntiCheat in my case though.


I could try and see if Easy Anti-Cheat is causing issues. I’m not sure where I’d look to find out though. Alienware Command Center is the software that controls my RGB lighting.

I have to disable the RGB .exe and it works. I think anti cheat recognises it as a malicious software.

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Sounds like this:


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