Game security violation with g skill light software

hey guys, vermintide 2 keeps crashing when i have g.skills lighting software open. thinks its a cheating thing or something. i’ve done it 3 times now and the software has to be closed for my game to run. it says game security violation. this is the g.skill lighting software for the royal z/neo/trident memory

GUID: 42ab790c-4acc-4f4c-ac85-9a19e0193f2e
Log File:
Info Type:

Our anti-cheat client (Easy Anti-Cheat) automatically blocks most RGB controllers due to their use of old, exploitable drivers.

I’ve reached out to Easy Anti-Cheat in the past to request that various RGB controllers are whitelisted but unfortunately they were unable to honour my request due to the reasons above.

I can only recommend that you disable the software prior to launching Vermintide 2.

well that sux. seems to work everywhere except Vermintide 2. thanks for looking into it

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