Game Crashes on starup LED Keeper.exe Error


Every time I try to start the game I get hit with an error for my RGB software (LEDKEEPER32.EXE). Can’t close it via task mnger (gets back every time and crashes the game), uninstalling it, would be a last resort option since I can’t bear to look at RGB barf rainbow and I do not have a bios option to control the RGB.

Software is Mystic Light 3

Below is the crash report

GUID: 1ab45588-f754-4d30-8a25-a1915a1ae658
Log File:
Info Type:

Unfortunately most RGB controllers are blocked by our anti-cheat provider (Easy Anti-Cheat) due to their use of old, exploitable drivers.

I’ve previously asked if they could be whitelisted, but they couldn’t honour my request due to the reason above.

Sadly there is no known workaround for this, we can only recommend any RGB controllers are disabled prior to launching Vermintide 2.

Thank you for your reply, I do believe I found a workaround.

Still testing it, was able to launch the game with it.

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