Launcher and Mod options crash

Since the Update 1.5 I can no longer open the mods menu in the launcher or the mod options menu in the game. I had to manually remove mods from the user_settings.config to be able to make my game run stable without mods crashing it. The following logs and dumps are from the game crashing, when trying to access the mod options menu. I can’t seem to find any logs written by the launcher though, if it even does log stuff.
I do not have the UI Scaling mod subscribed or anything. I’ve already checked my files via Steam.

console-2019-02-18-19.00.32-64016ED2-8F46-463C-A294-FBCB.log (346,0 KB)

crash_dump-2019-02-18-19.11.37-82D6AEE6-1952-4E3E-B782-83E6.dmp (607,7 KB)

It seems to crash with this:
19:06:05.471 <>scripts/mods/vmf/modules/ui/options/vmf_options_view.lua:3113: attempt to call global ‘UIResolutionScale’ (a nil value)<</Lua Error>>

And that looks like it comes from the Vermintide Mod Framework? Y do? Any help?

GUID: 2a775f70-ea8b-4a31-bd50-2319c11b9125
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/mods/vmf/modules/ui/options/vmf_options_view.lua:3113: attempt to call global ‘UIResolutionScale’ (a nil value)

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Indeed a result of the Vermintide Mod Framework - the mod author is aware of these issues.

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