Kruber's Head Turn Angle

Recently I’ve managed to capture a funny (or creepy) thing - Kruber’s head can turn his head through humanly impossible angle. I think it’s an old issue (some youtubers made jokes about it) and is applied to Kruber only.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with Kruber in your team, preferably a bot.
  2. Observe him.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue. I started a private game, alt-tabbed from it to watch some memes as any normal human male individual would do, return back when the map was loaded and was greeted by this.

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He’s just looking at you to make sure you don’t shoot him in the back:

Grail Knight bot is paranoid about being shot in the back.

is applied to Kruber only.

Kerillian does it too.

Kerillian bot is paranoid about being shot in the back

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