Kruber Longbow Partially Charged Shots Deal Less Damage than Quick Shots on Berserker Armor Type

The baseline damage of the quickshot on Empire longbow is 28.75 on berserkers, the base damage of the partially charged shot is 18.00 on the berserker armor type. Presumably, the partially charged shot should deal more damage than the quickshot on berserkers, as it does so on every other armor type except superarmor which neither penetrates. It’s a similar bug to the now fixed bug on kerillian’s longbow where the armor damage modifier for berserkers on charged shots was too low (0.5 vs the 1 it is now) making it deal less damage than quickshots.


This bug has been around forever, maybe since launch? But it’s even more important to fix now that one of the campaign bosses has this armour type.


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