KNOWN ISSUE: Weekly Contracts progress stuck

weekly contracts will not progress, I already did these kill count ones

did these kill count ones already

I just killed hundreds of dregs with melee lol.

Tonight, 3 missions
First mission => ok
second and third mission => no deaths counted with range weapon

2 missions today

Before mission

First mission => it’s ok

Second mission => no count for ranged kills

another mission => no ranged kill count !!!

only some missions don’t work…
why not turn them off?

fix that damn bug !!!
It’s no longer interesting to play

So this has been an issue since November and it is still not fixed. Kill counts will not register. If you are not going to fix this then you need to remove the contracts from the game.

2 missions in a row and no progress…

Killed two daemonhosts, a slug, brought back 4 grims total, a fair chunk of scab melee kills. “Nah, fam, you dreamin.”

Give me back my progress or my time, Fatshark, either works.

Stucked in 1h ago
I am clear mission 3time and have not any change by my weekly mission

Definetly stuck on any weeklies right now

And stucked now still

Fatshark, since you guys don’t seem to want to fix this three month old issue, you need to remove the contracts from the game.

Needed 1 more grim.

Did four consecutive missions - a level 2, 1, 3 and a 3^.
Acquired both grims in all but the first level 3 I played.

First three I joined were already in progress, but quite early.
Rebooted for the last two.
Last one was fresh from the recruitment screen.

None of them counted, and I am still 11 out of 12 on the contract.

Never happened to me before is happening today.

It give the completion message in the mission but when you check melk is has not been counted.

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My contracts across my characters have not been updating since 3.00 pm, GMT+1.

UPDATE: This has been resolved. I do not know how this happened.

After the Omnissiah update I cannot seem to progress any of my sire melks contracts. Never happened before but its kind of annoying as finally y’all at FS are putting items worth getting and now I cannot earn anymore. That being said its a small price to pay for the massive update that improved many facets of the game.

Still broken. Completed an assassination mission and got zero mission updates.

Contracts are tracking for the first character i played this week but no others. Almost perfect weapon to buy from melke but does no good when i can’t get more credits