Keep my controller alive

Hi! I got myself a mouse for my Xbox to enjoy Vermintide 2 on Xbox as much as I do on PC. There is one tiny annoying problem though. My controller dies after a while because I don’t use it. This has the game freeze my character and I can’t continue until I turn the controller on again.
I read somewhere about this and that post got an answer about pinging the controller by the game. Any news on that? Or is it possible to have Vermintide to keep my controller alive when I play?

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Is it possible to just click a button on the controller or move the thumb sticks to keep it from dying?

That’s a workaround solution at best and not really something you can ask a player to regularly do…

Perhaps you should have posted this in Bugs section instead to make sure it is noticed by the staff.
(@FatsharkJulia @FatsharkLev ? :grin:)

Yes constantly touching the controller is not a pretty solution. I see two solutions.
First is to ping the controller during a game. Second is to not have the pop-up and freeze wile a mouse is detected. Though, that will keep the controller dead.
However this feels like a grayzone because maybe Microsoft should let us turn off the timeout, at least when we are using a headset plugged in to the controller.

So the sound going through the controller is not enough to keep it awake ? That is weird on MS’s part, but I think implementing a controller ping every minute or so should be possible on FS’s side :slight_smile:

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