Keep improvements

The last update has made the game feeling infinitly better. But I think the keep itself could benefit from some love.
Here are some suggestions:

  • infinit potions: either respawn every potion as soon as they are picked or every x seconds or with a button but it’s kind of sad to be limited to one concentration potion when you are testing your ult.

  • testing arena: a medium large room with four buttons and a dark door at the opposit. Each button make one type of ennemy spawning through the dark door (10 slave, 3 storm vermin, 1 chaos warrior, 1 rat ogre). The ennemy stat would be based on the difficulty level set for quick play and the ennemy can’t leave the arena, so people can actually try their build efficacity against horde and elite and test break points without being in game.

  • potion test in the pilgrimage part of the keep (and with detailled descriptions idealy).

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There is a modded realm with mods that let you spawn in infinite amount of item and enemies.

Item spawner for pick ups and other items & Creature Spawner to spawn in enemy units. You can also make them attack you or stand still & enable damage in the keep.