Keep getting Backend Error: Couldn't Resolve Host

I keep getting Backend Error: Couldn’t Resolve Host whenever I launch the game. I have restarted my router, restarted my computer, flushed my dns, and have gotten no crash reports. So far nothing seems to be working so any help on the subject would be much appreciated.

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Unfortunately we have no reliable solutions to provide for the COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST error at current. It’s something we’re actively looking in to however.

It may be worth changing your DNS. Instructions on how to switch to Google DNS can be seen here.

+1, Can’t get past the opening screens without this error happening as of today (8/20/19). Disabled mods, restarted game/computer, just reinstalled the game yesterday after some issues, and verified local files in Steam. Previously had been having connection issues with the game since the newest patch came out.

@CountZrinski @GrislyFrisbee Can you post a log?

Where might I get a log from?

Found a recent log, here it is. console-2019-08-21-10.22.00-e6c635ab-2206-45ce-932a-c76793c2b91b.log (40.0 KB)

Perfect, the issue is resolving the PlayFab server (i.e. from the log).

I’m assuming it entails DNS-issues, but I do not know the specific implementation in lua so I’m out fishing.

What does nslookup say in a terminal? (i.e. run - cmd - nslookup

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Emplzza, I think I attached the correct log here: console-2019-08-21-03.42.42-0486b483-c9bf-4ff0-ae95-18aa57fe8f30.log (40.3 KB)

Thanks for your help

Game is launching for me today after what looked like a small update in Steam.

Same issue there as with @GrislyFrisbee.

Could you also try this:

I’m kinda stumped since it seems to work sometimes for you, but this is the best I can think of right now.

Yeah, if it helps, here is what I saw when I entered it in the CMD window: New Text Document.txt (234 Bytes)


When I ran the command it gave me this “*** can’t find Server failed”

Hms, it works for me (i.e. nslookup

@FatsharkJulia Do you know if clients regularly have issues with Qwest / CenturyLink?

As mentioned by @FatsharkJulia before, might be a good idea to switch DNS manually:

As a technical note to someone reading this at a later stage; is not DNSSEC:ed, i.e. does not just behave badly with DNSSEC.

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