Kasrkin profession for the Veteran?

I feel like they would be the natural second choice for a profession of the guardsman. More about heavy suppression and crowd control than picking off special enemies. Would use heavy lasgun/plasma guns and maybe their grenade could be mines?

Considering the first one is already ranged specialised the second class should naturally be melee focused to get some variety in. I strongly assume that Commissar will be the second class, going for melee with maybe a buff ultimate, certainly an inspiring trait that buffs teammembers when you kill an enemy.

I find it harder to believe a Commissar would end up in an inquisition prison than a trooper, specialized or not.

Catachan Jungle Fighter or riot

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The 40k galaxy is vast and there are hundreds of billions of humans. A commissar falling from grace should not be a rare sight.

How about the Drop trooper?

Or Catachan Junglefighter. Since the Knife(short Sword sized) is already in the Game aswell.
I dont think Commissar would make any sense. They Indoctrinated too much to be a Penal or Reject iMO. but maybe im wrong.
Commissars kill others becasue of … little things

If we go with standard lore, then a catachan junglefigther wouldnt make sense either since they are highly disciplined rare elite soldiers in the imperial guard that are actively used in offensive wars against xenos. Same as a Krieg soldier wouldnt make sense because they rather die before becoming rejects.

So lets just shove standard lore a little bit to the side and talk about the game. It should be obvious that Veteran will get a melee focused career eventually and the commissar fits perfectly. Its basically “the melee dude” in the imperial guard who isnt an ogryn.

Considering the background creation system, I don’t think anything that requires originating from a specific planet (or a spread out cloud of debris) is a good idea. No Catachans, no Kriegers, no kasrkin (who are exclusively Cadian), no Elysians.

Well true, but you can be from Cadia right. Its a choice of Origin. so Kasrkin is an Option probably.

Yes Catachan is less likely, but having Catachan Knifes as a Melee Weapon is very specific.
And these are rejects. I feel this is a hint for later on.
There are many other Options for a Knife or Sword in that regard in Warhammer.
They could have given us a Sabre or Munitorum Pattern.
Also Shotguns are in the Game already aswell.

But well see i guess. Well se lots of CLasses in the Future i reckon, since they are not bound to fixed Characters like V2.
Inquisition can have literally everything you can Imagine as a Class. They can recruit anyone if they wish so as Retinue( Acolytes etc.)

Commissar would be neat for sure. But i wanna see the 4 big Assassin Ordos and first of allMechanicus Protector or Skitarii, since its something very different. Once can Dream of Tech Adept with one Admech as Bodyguard

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