Just what in the hell is the Global Condition countdown even for?

I absolutely hate seeing that horrible number, why the hell can’t you just tell us days instead of using thousands of hours as the metric, as well, just what the hell is it for? Your trash lack of event modifiers? Just have them cycle randomly for missions that get them, you already have a LACK of them to begin with it gets stupidly stale seeing the same event over and over and over and over and over.


its horrendous. Im getting tired of the stupid mission system

I have not seen the blackout modifier since before the game released. Not ONCE!


I didn’t get to play the fog missions in the beta and haven’t seen one yet either


The fog appeared for like 1 day last week, it was a really fun event not going to lie.


Light’s Out is so good, but I’ve only seen the condition appear once. I don’t think think ill even be playing the game the next time it appears.


I have absolutely no idea why they can’t have more modifier running more frequently. It’s a pathetic effort from FS.


Because instead of replacing the silly mission screen with something that can actually accommodate a large number of variations, they are desperately trying to please everyone with an extremely limited mission choice. Each difficulty has 2 to 4 missions showing (generally one difficulty get 4 and one gets 2) and some of those need to be modifier free. That leaves you 1-3 missions to put other modifiers on and it seems they want all the missions to have the same modifier at the same time

The entire thing needs to purged with holy fire and started from scratch


Fact check: False

Fact check: True


I was trying to be nice to them :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s to make you check back when the timer goes off to see what happens.

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In 3412 hours or what? Which clock shows me that? ;D

Still, they could just scrap the countdown, because it is RNG anyway. Better give us a kind of “mission selection”, so we can play some we want (or at least need, I am looking at you, Contract-Man!).

Is it RNG? I figured they decided what the special conditions are.

I agree with this gripe. The condition timer is kind of ridiculous as it is PLUS I don’t think it’s actually working properly. I am getting High-Intensity missions(heresy seems to almost always be High-intensity?) when there shouldn’t be any and I have never seen anything besides HI/LOW intensity since launch.


Yeah, High/Low is the default. There have been a few windows where for a few hours there has been Vent Purge. I don’t remember if they’ve done Black Out since beta.

I just wish there was a tooltip when I hover over it explaining just what the hell it is even supposed to do.

Yeah, I think I read also something like that, but either it is “fixed”, chosen based on a plan, per coin-flip or with an algorithm. For “us” it is RNG, because we do not know the data/ reasoning it is based on.


Just a reminder.


I was actually very excited for the global conditions. And yet here I am, mad once again about a good idea implemented terribly.

Lights out and the fog are great - they make the levels feel so different, and genuinely affect how you have to play. Variation like this is awesome, especially when they’re so thematic and gives off amazing vibes and adds tension.

So…why did they only happen for like, a couple hours, once? Why are we getting days and days of increased hordes, and only a couple small instances of the cool ones? WHY are they in so rarely, and WHY are they only in for a small duration of time? Does Fatshark not understand that people work? Different time zones? It’s so easy to miss these that it basically makes it worthless.

Also where’s the variation? Why do we only have like, 3/4? Why don’t they give them a more tangible reward to get people interested in playing them more? It’s just insane to me at how half-assed the implementation is


Why can’t we just pick and choose the map and it’s conditions, the more conditions the better the rewards, simple.

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TBH Lights Out would be better if we could throw on different flashlights on our weapons. It was great when we had a group of 4 that all had flashlights on our weapons, really added to the atmosphere when running lit up the ceiling and only by walking did we direct our flashlights.

Sucked giant donkey peen when no one had a flashlight though, or only one person did. The default ‘light’ absolutely blows, and none of the ranged weapons with flashlights cover enough bases to make it worth switching over to them.

Make them janky on all but the weapons that already have a mount for them.