Just what in the hell is the Global Condition countdown even for?

Same, but I’m not upset about that. I’m hoping they’re working on improving our torches before it appears again.

Fully agree with this thread.
Ideally they don’t have one condition appear at random, but all of them mixed around.
Also the way they worded their posts pre-launch beta, I figured they’d have more modifiers and conditions in the game on launch. Kinda sad to see so few of them and so irregularly.

This is a huge potential to spice up gameplay massively and it goes unused currently.
Especially weird, because they already have good effects to copy over from Vermintide 2 “Deeds”, “Winds of Magic” and “Chaos Wastes”.

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I dunno, I played a couple matches without flashlights and I loved it. You could still pretty easily see ranged enemies from their gear or flashes, and there was still enough environmental light that I could still see where we were going.

I liked it a lot

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explosives around the map are your friend on the dark missions! they light up huge areas :smiley:

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well today is your lucky day because that is all that is on the board right now, power outages everywhere apparently

Hedge doing Hedge things.

Yeah and it’s made the game almost unplayable, the only Heresy mission on the board always ends up with power outage, and after struggling through it once I really don’t feel like dealing with it again.