Just saying

And I mean it, too.


I’ll say wait and see, the switch to Third Person will be interesting. Also the new Starship Troopers game, will a bit low on content currently, is still incredibly fun, is cleary an early access title, and is super cheap (comparatively) at only $25. I assume that Helldivers 2 will be a full priced title, either at $70 or $60.

Ngl, I enjoy third person single player games but for some reason can’t stand third person multiplayer games.

Yeah, call me back when they have a melee combat system

Hopefully will be better for you as it’s only pve. I’m not a fan of 3rd person pvp shooters, but as a big fan of HD 1 I’d certainly give this a try.

Ya’ll think I’m talking about the gameplay but really I’m talking about the execution of hyper militarized society and its satirization.

Top down Helldiver’s was pretty fun. Not sure how third person will be.

Helldivers was an amazing game, but a switch from perspectives is a redflag for me. Especially after the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance III fiasco.

They gutted what could have been THE RPG. I will never forgive them. :sob:

I’m definitely most excited about a 3rd person shooter with rpg elements in the helldivers verse. So I’m hyped, but I get why you would worry.

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