Just played 2 games after 2 months of break...and it's even worst than before!

So, as the title says, i just played 2 maps on champion after a long break…was 1.4 i think…

and, my G.o.d, the game it 's even worst than before…

first map was a War Camp: we got a Stormfiend right at the start with 3 (yes three) consecutive wave together…the boss was bugged like hell, his trail were hitting me 2 meters away and with 5-6 thicks of damage every time… we survive this s…hit barely and with no ammo and potion we faced a spam of 5 specials in a row (i saw 2 of them appearing in front of me), no sound that they were coming (ofc).

then with the same pug we faced a Festering Grounds…alla was good till we got a Chaos patrol in the cave (no sounds) and a wave together…it was a minor bug but wipe again…

in 2 months we got nothing! a ton of gb of download and the same bugs as before…

i’ve just spent the last 2 minutes before logging out watching my 32 green dusts and 435 blue dusts (as always) and my Red Hagbane bow with no illusion on him…

nice experience


Idk, dude. I think the game got a little better overall. The only thing that got worse is graphics and performance.

But 22 gb… yeah.

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Not really a large enough sample size.


I don’t seem to have those issues, game runs fine for me and I find the odd bug but few and far between. I play almost every day and I am really enjoying it like I did the first game, I have also found that in my opinion the game is getting progressively better then launch over time.

If your still not satisfied with over all quality there is nothing wrong with waiting a bit longer for more updates. A small dev team can only work so fast so I tend to cut them some slack due to their size. I’m not saying anyone’s opinion is wrong in this matter, I’m just giving you mine.

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