Just a few things

  1. charged weapons should hold their ability for more than one hit. (chain weapons / psy weapons / power weapons)
  2. psyker G ability takes too long to use and stacks fall off too quickly to be useful
  3. there needs to be an ability or an item to help find grimoires and scriptures. lots of groups don’t even bother trying to find them because they just aimlessly wander around.
  4. is there a point to collecting penance scores? should be able to trade these points for cool cosmetics.
  5. cosmetics that can be bought in the in-game currency store are just pathetic (they are especially bad for the ogyrn. also no weapon cosmetics green or red paint… wow.
  6. the difficulty jump from 3-4 is insane. A group of level 12s can do 3 stars and 4 starts require a competent group of 30s in mostly orange and purple gear using coms.
  7. players should be able to buy base versions of all the weapons and then pay to level them up respectfully. eg. i have only ever seen 1 flamer in the store rotation while playing my preacher to 30.
  8. a list of definitions on what the weapon descriptions actually mean (ravage /unstoppable)
  9. players should be able to pull themselves up a handrail, fight off a hell hound or even break free from a trapper’s net by smashing buttons or something.
  10. light attacks infinitely preventing weapon reload.
  11. remove the grenade from the scroll wheel. nothing is worse when in the middle of a fight trying to swap to melee to pull out a grenade.

That’s an overexaggeration, competence is enough. On Heresy it mostly boils down to these simple rules:

  • Stay with your group
  • Don’t go too fast
  • Don’t stop
  • Don’t be the last one to jump down a ledge
  • Be able to deal with hordes, bonus points if you’re also able to deal with carapace armor

Press Q to swap weapons.

Respectfully disagree.


I wish I could tape this to the Mission Select screen for the Sunday heresy players lmao

  1. You can dodge while using it. So unless you’re completely overwhelmed in melee you can get a Brain Burst off successfully. While I would love a feat that specializes BB against shooter (ie gives it half damage, half charge time, and half peril) as-is it’s a very useful tool for dismantling enemy armored targets (and most importantly it gives you that tool without occupying one of your weapon slots!).

  2. They should add a sound to grimoires. The sound for scriptures is fine, but the fact that grimoires only glow (and other parts of levels can sometimes glow the same color) means they’re unnecessarily hard to find. Granted, they should worry about making these items feel worth collecting before they do any other changes to them.

  3. Well it’s an achievement system, so the points are pointless. Honestly if there’s something weird it’s that people are complaining about the points being pointless in Darktide when I don’t remember significant complaints being made of earlier achievement points systems that were basically the same.

  4. Agreed, they’re awful. They’re not even good color variations.

  5. Agreed.

  6. Agree with the problem, but maybe not the specific solution. Honestly the worst part is that some weapons seem deliberately rarer than others. Even with no probability manipulation, it was going to be a very long time to get a Veteran shovel that was a 370+ roll. But with the fact that shovels seem to be like 10% of the normal frequency that they should be, it’s dramatically worse.

  7. Agreed, every effect that mentions a named buff/debuff needs to provide a way for players to see what that buff/debuff actually is.

  8. I mostly disagree on this one. Disabling effects are there to encourage teamwork. So at most I could see something like a Feat/Blessing giving you the ability to climb up ledges with a ~5 min cooldown (and that wouldn’t be the main thing that Feat/Blessing does; it’d do something more important, but then also provide the ledge-climb ability triggered on a certain button so you could choose to save it if you knew the situation was safe).

  9. Do you mean enemy attacks? When enemies melee you you should switch to melee yourself. Otherwise just find cover and reload.

Ok I agree with the stacks part. Focusing on getting 4 BB’s and then keeping it full can be a pain. I would like to see them alter the Decay of BB stacks to 1 per 25 seconds instead of ALL after 25 seconds. I think that would be nice. However there are 2 Feats that make BB very helpful. First the Level 10 feat that increasing damage to target by 15% after getting hit by BB but not dying. This is so very needed by the party on Heresy and Damnation. I see people complain that BB is useless on Heresy and Damnation but this Feat makes it very worth it. Now if you don’t get the kill you’ve weakened the enemy making them easier for the party to kill. Reaper, Crushers, Bulwarks and Maulers especially. Second at Level 30 take the Feat that when you Pop your Ult you get 25% faster BB’s with 50% peril resistance. At 0% Peril I go from 2 BB’s until dangerous Peril to 4 BB’s before dangerous Peril and it happens much much faster. I can pop my Ult, and do 4 BB’s in rapid succession and that will drop a couple of the big guys quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna argue that Psykers are good. They need a lot of balancing. Particularly to toughness. They’re just too damn squishy. But there’s a few tricks they have that are very useful. It’s just a shame that for Psykers you can work on your entire gear and feat setup to make them viable, while the Veteran makes it look easy and almost nullifies any need of a Psyker.

  1. Maybe Materials and Books can spawn in set locations so even if you don’t find a book there ur guarenteed alot of materials… to go through an entire level knowing about 5-10+ locations to not find any seems a little too much Hide and Seek and less slaying of heretics… but I wouldnt object to equiping an auxspec (4) to help find grims…
  2. Did wonder why we are collecting Penance points…
  3. Agreed - shop should let u buy all weapons… but maybe trade with other players in Mourningstar
  4. A Glossary in FatSharks games?! Heresy! I still wont google rend/brittle thinking I might gleen this info from gameplay shouldnt armour drop off/break?!
  5. The fact players have to come help you up makes the need to stay with your team paramount…
  6. I must have rebound my mousewheel as I don’t have this problem?!

yes, it is an exaggeration more often than not when we die in a 4-star its because the game decides you need to deal with 10 different elites at the same time all with 1-shot mechanics that individual players can’t deal with alone. alone all these elites aren’t bad its specifically frustrating when snipers and trappers can shoot through hordes and dogs can move through them freely.

Maybe you should start playing low int Damnation then? Damnation players are usually good enough to carry one less-experienced player. Heresy is more forgiving generally speaking, but on Damnation people tend to cover each other more. It’s a better learning environment, IMO.