Is this some kind of sick joke fatshark?

As much as I agree.
They were way way way way worse in beta.
Any improvement is welcome I guess

i guess if you act like emperor not protects, you’ll get punished.
is that some kind of special zealot feature?


Not sure what to blame, netcode or spaghetticode :rofl:

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This is what happens to me most of the time, its so annoying. All the people that are like “just dodge it works”, they are just outright wrong


Dodged way too early. Don’t look at the dog, only listen. The sound cues you in.

For me, the dogs moves and sounds sync up mostly, so probably there’s netcoding issues or I’m just close to a server?

i am usually far from any server, yet its not a big problem. internet performance overall seems very inconsistent to me. sometimes all smooth sometimes not. i guess timings for dodging are always shifting, for me.
will try your sound cue advice.

how about when dog spins right up to you and then barks two inches from your feet? how to dodge that?

In my experience here is how i successfully avoid dogs:

  1. use weapon that has big stagger
  2. just attack dog

Ripper is really good at this, mulches right through a horde and staggers the dog, then follow up kills the dog.

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Do you believe in dogs?


Gotta brush my teeth or something after that. What the hell

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I mean, that is super janky, but I know why it happens.

You dodged too early and thus your i-frame ended which allowed the dog to correct it’s attack…
It obviously shouldn’t happen in the first place, because the doggo should not auto correct mid flight.

This is also why mobs can turn 180 degrees and correct an attack animation that hasn’t finished… Which is also super janky…


Zealot glows, hounds follow the light and temperature since they are IR - guided.

Without a doubt the most broken disabler at the moment. Just hope to get a clear shot.

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…Dodging doesn’t have iframes. It happens because the servers suck. Not because of some imaginary iframes (Which again, don’t exist). All dodging does is break enemy tracking, disablers are not supposed to track you at all once their attack is out. The issue with getting hit like that is due to the server seeing you as being hit by the pox hound but on your end you’re dodging to the side, thus the dog appears to warp onto your face to the side as it views both circumstances as valid. Darktide relies on the server side for everything, so what you see is just an approximation of what the server is actually using for calculations.

they teleport now…

Just use your dodge iframes 4hed. Definitely a timing issue. (That one is actually slightly debatable just due to ogryn size but definitely screwy)

the worst thing about these dogs is that there is absolutely no way to get them out if an ally doesn’t come and hit them. which is a real flash of genius in terms of game design…

Just now a game with the other 3 mates on the ground during a horde. After cleaning the area I start going to save the first one and then ultra instinct dog catches me without me having time to dodge it: mission failed.

Whereas with the simple possibility of being able to mash a key to get out of it, 4 people wouldn’t have wasted 15 minutes of their time to fail a mission.

At least the vermintide assassins had the decency to kill us fast (besides having a much cooler warning sound than those stupid dogs)

Or if you don’t want to make the possibility to free themselve from them change sound trigger by

You can dodge anything, provided the server latency plays along.

I just hate the fact that once the hound grabs you, you’re toast unless a teammate can save you. God forbid two or three hounds come at once and your busy fighting a swarm of other enemies. Throw in other elites into the mix, and you’re in for a really frustrating experience.

You can push hounds, works every time unless you lag.

I lke how every single person saying you can dodge them or avoid them, adds onto their sentence “…as long as you dont lag or have bad latency”

Thats the thing, the darktide servers are not great in the slightest and you will almost always have connection issues

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TeamFourStar Piccolo noises