Is there level based matchmaking?

Ever since launch, I’ve been getting nothing but max level players when playing my maxed out Zealot, regardless of difficulty (and I bounce between all of them). When playing tier 1/2 missions, the game will generally put me in a bot match, and it will slowly fill with level 30s throughout the mission. I know there are other level 30’s playing lower difficulty levels, but surely they aren’t the only people playing? In the matches where I only get bots, surely I’m not the only person in the world playing these missions? Generally speaking in lower diffs, I always end up waiting the full timer in the Mourningstar before it just puts me an empty lobby. This changes when I start playing my lower leveled characters.

Is there some kind of level/gear score based matchmaking? If there is, it might be too strict. I get it for heresy and damnation missions, but malice and under are too easy to warrant this kind of matchmaking. Like, I enjoy that my malice missions are full of gigachads who know exactly what they’re doing, but I kinda miss the variety of levels.


I was wondering this as well, matchmaking can be pretty slow to fill a full team and I’m wondering why.

I had two missions in a row the other day where I (level 30 Psyker) was only joined by one other level 30 psyker during the entire mission on Malice.

I thought that was very strange given my entire time in pre-order beta I was accompanied by any and all ranks and classes.

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I hope they fix this, there’s no matches at all on any difficulty at level 30, forced to create alts just to even queue up.