Is it possible to transfer the game profile to another Steam account

I bought the game during the pre-order and mistakenly shared it to another Steam account of mine and decided to keep playing throughout the beta. Now I login my game from the account who gained access from the shared library and I noticed that I have no pre-order gifts (helmets) nor pre-order bonus (other few cosmetic items), and even no vermintide hairs. What can I do?

Is there a way to bound my current game profile back to the Steam account which I made the purchase or maybe it is able to share this profile for both of my Steam accounts so I no longer need to be bothered with game profile transfer or other issues?

Or maybe even I played from the Steam account that does not own the game, I can still get the beta test items and pre-order bonus because of the account which owns the game is a pre-order one?

Game profile’s Steam account which took part in the beta: Steam ID: Bogoya Ghetto Air Force URL: Steam Community :: Bogoya Ghetto Air Force

My Steam account which actually owns the pre-order game and shared the game to my another account:
Steam ID: M48A3K
URL: Steam Community :: M48A3K

Hi @Seraphim1990,

Regrettably, we’re unable to transfer profiles between Steam accounts.

The Steam account that pre-ordered is eligible for the pre-order rewards, but the account with shared access is not.

Apologies for any disappointment :frowning:


Ok thank you for the information. So am I still able to at least get the beta test items? I haven’t seen any beta headgears so far for all four of my characters. Also, both two Steam accounts of mine own the WH40k Vermintide 2 game; can I also get the hairs from that game (if I recall correctly that’s the bonus of owning the Vermintide 2) or only the account which I made the purchase of Darktide will?

Because I never played during the beta with my account which made the purchase, I doubt if I can get any beta test gift items if I create a new game profile for it today since the game is out already.