Is Dawi Drop actually top tier?

Ok so I always thought Dawi Drop was mostly a meme pick for Slayer with maybe some niche value for burst DPS albeit very awkward to use.

However I just found out that as long as you actually get some air (not ulting at feet), the power bonus is enough to give it very similar stagger breakpoints as Crunch upon landing. I only just found out about the effect of Dawi Drop on Ult stagger from this amazing stagger breakpoint guide:

So combine the fact that it can be used as a pseudo crunch (the 1 or 2 stagger breakpoints it lacks over crunch can be covered with opportunist on one of your weapons) with the new coghammer’s heavy attack as an aerial sniping option, is it possible that Dawi Drop is actually a very very good choice and myself and many other members of the community have been heavily underrating it?

Any die hard Dawi Drop fans around? Is this stagger interaction super old news I’ve just missed in the past? Is it not working when you Ult at your feet too big of a drawback for it to be effective?

Is this even the right place to post this? I have no idea but it doesn’t seem like “feedback” so I figured Lounge makes the most sense?

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I didn’t know that it affected stagger. I always thought it was just damage instead of power. Does it also affect cleave power as well? I wonder what a Greataxe heavy would look like with 150% power.

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To be clear I don’t know for sure it’s a general power increase, I just can’t think of any other reason it would get such a massive stagger bonus with the specific condition of having to get airborne.

I figure cleaving attacks are too tricky to utilise well mid leap but I’d love to see someone prove me wrong on that. Very real possibility it will also increase cleave judging by the stagger increase.

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It’s only top tier if you can use it successfully.

Because of how weird his leap is now after being changed, it’s rather difficult to hit anything while you’re airborne considering 1 second after leaping you drop like a sack of potatoes.

Dawi Drop would have been a lot more useful with his old leap. Ofc if you had a lot of time and practice with it then it would be worth it.

For me, it’s just too much of a hassle to execute properly.

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