Is anyone else livid for having their shillings changed to the negatives bc they don’t own a dlc?

I used to have the cosmetic outfits from the collectors edition bc I Library family share with my brother on steam. Cosmetics have been taken away now, understandable. However, now my shillings are -329‽ This is some grade A bu11shit. Changing an in game currency that you can only get on a weekly basis (nevermind the pathetic 5 shillings from dailies) so that it can even go into the negatives is the dumbest and cruelest thing I could’ve imagined. If you’re penalizing the players for something that was YOUR FAULT TO BEGIN WITH, you could at the least take off the amount of shillings they got from the dlc but down to zero shillings. Not in the negatives. Criminal.

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This has been changed so anyone who hit a negative value has now been pushed back up to zero.