Invulnerable, aggressive troll

Mods: None

During “against the grain” we opened the barn to find a troll. In the ensuing fight, two of our players used a damaging/staggering ult to hit the troll when it was close to its first regenerative phase, pushing it up a ledge between the windmill and the barn.

This resulted in the trolls regenerative phase glitching out. The health bar coloured for regeneration, but the troll, instead of falling down to regenerate, recovered from the stagger and started attacking. After beating down the regenerative health of the troll, we found that we could no longer damage it (and we tried for a solid 3 minutes). Likely not an incorrect display of health bar either, since we must’ve exhausted the trolls hp many times over (it still reacted to staggering ults and such, it just wouldn’t take any damage).

So we had an angry, unkillable troll with intact AI, and wiped due to spawning specials and hordes shortly after.

Sorry to hear that. Could you please upload the console log associated with this session here?: [PC] How to Provide a Crash Report or Console Log – Fatshark

I hope I got the right one, I have multiple files of that day, I chose the one closest after that time of this screenshot I made of the event occurring! According to steam it was Saturday, June 5th, at around 03:50 AM.
Please let me know if I provided the right file!

console-2021-06-05-00.15.23-82178975-1e00-489c-afea-313685651532.log (3.6 MB)

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