Invisible weapons (possibly after freeing someone? Twitch Clip attached.)

I’m not completely sure what happened here.

  • Playing Legend 300% Twitch
  • Playing Bounty Hunter with Rapier and Crossbow
  • Blocking hits while setting someone free (block not broken)
  • After the action my weapons, both melee and ranged were invisible (only the bolt could be seen)
  • Everything else (attacking/shooting/blocking/etc.) worked normal

→ Here’s the clip when it happened

  • A while later I got hooked by a Hookrat
  • After that I could see my weapons again

→ Here’s the clip when my weapons reappeared

→ Also here’s the full VOD just in case, it happened about 1:09:20 and lasted until 1:13:15.

VOD and clips will only be available for 2 weeks as per usual on Twitch.


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