Inventory bug on Geforce NOW

Issue Description:
Whenever I open the inventory to change a weapon, apply a skin, change a curio or anything there’s about a 50% chance that the change won’t take effect and I’ll have to exit the inventory and do the same thing again. I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this bug so I’m assuming it’s a Geforce NOW bug or maybe a problem with my account specifically.

Steps to Reproduce:
Just opening the inventory at any time has about a 50% chance of doing it.

Steam through Geforce NOW

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Since open beta

Reproduction Rate:

Yeah there does seem to be a kind of lag, when attempting to change a weapon skin or attach one of those key chain thingys. After equipping them they don’t really apply until you escape out of inventory, wait a few seconds and then go back into it, rinse and repeat this and they then apply properly and showing up fine in the 3D character model preview in the inventory window.

I dunno how it’s possibly related to Geforce Now though? I also use an nvidia gfx card with the drivers and software installed but no idea how that could be related to the above.

No clue, just figured it might be that since I haven’t seen this mentioned before and the geforce now playerbase is a lot smaller I imagine. I’ll try out your suggestion, wait a bit after changing equipment, see if it actually works since I normally change it a second time after I see it hasn’t changed.

I can confirm that the equipment does change after a delay, I guess I never waited long enough to notice that. I suppose you can mark this as solved?

This isn’t just geforce now, I have this bug all the time.