Insane clutch - Shoutout to 'Loast'

Unfortunately I didn’t record it but trust me when I say as a 700 Hr HM main that this BH player clutched HARD.

It was a legend deed where ambients are replaced by elites and getting downed kills instantly. This guy somehow managed to dodge his way to the event from about half way through the map (as a BH with limited, short range dodges) proceed to climb the first tower, jump off, rescue me then we slowly cleared up.

Loast if you’re here, well played.


So many maulers @.@

This kind of thing is what I love about this game: those insane runs where the AI director opened the gates of hell and it should have been a wipe, but somehow the team pulls through.


i see your bounty hunter and raise you a zealot.


i’m wondering how you recovered given your line up tho

We didnt sadly. The bots were borderline worthless and i was dead before i could even move upon being rescued. We wiped and had better luck the 2nd time. Just wanted to share the screenshot.


haha didn’t notice bots MB