Ingame encyclopedia with lore info


Now that the game is in a presentable state apart from the RNG slot machine cRaFtIng SyStEm and likely will be there for years to come…

i’d really love to see an ingame encyclopedia with short informative entries about wh40k lore that is presented and/or hinted at ingame

ofc quite alot of Darktide players are warhammer nerds and know what the Emperor or the Horus Heresy is (and why the Emperor needs souls to stay alive). They probably also know the difference between papa Nurgle and Slaneesh, the Catachian regiments and the Krieg Deathkorps.

But many people (including myself if it wasnt for a good friend of mine who loves the lore and explains it to me at any occasion xD) don’t.

So please add a book to the mourningstar containing lore bits / info and stuff ? :wink:


(PS: #breakthelocks and release 500 base stats weapons asap ty)

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