Infinite Loading Screen PS5 Edition

So, I was sitting in Taal’s Horn Keep when suddenly i got a “Connection Broken” Error. After that tried to sign on again and got a “Can’t Connect to Playstation Network” Error. So after retrying again i made it to the Taal’s Horn Keep screen but i can see the icon moving but nothing is happening. I uninstalled and Reinstalled after that and still nothing. Restarted my Router and check my internet and tried again and nothing, still on this loading acreen. Finally Restarted my Console and nothing. Happening on my PS5

Last Logged in as Sister of the Thorn Kerillian
PSN: SavageMessatsu

EDIT: Loading the game in Offline Mode and Spawning in the Keep, going back to the main menu and opening the game back up in Online Mode seemed to Fix the issue

Hi @MrEurojima,

Sometimes this can be the result of a temporary connectivity issue. I’m glad you were able to solve the issue, and thank you for providing the steps you used to do so :slight_smile:

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