Increase The Volume Of Special Unit Audio, Or Provide A Dedicated Slider For All Noises

A lot of the time there is so much noise coming from the horde of enemies you are fighting you won’t hear the Packmaster that is about to grab you or the Assassin that is about to pounce. I suggest increasing all of the noises made by all of the special units or allowing the player to tailor their audio settings to their own liking by providing a variety of audio sliders.

Currently there are only two audio sliders, Master and Music. You could provide sliders for:

  • Horde Enemies
  • Elite Enemies
  • Berserker Enemies
  • Monster Enemies
  • Special Unit Enemies
  • Level Ambience
  • Voice Lines
  • Weapon Sound Effects

It’d be great if we could actually turn up other players voice audio too, so it is actually possible to hear what other people are saying, because right now - once the pressure increases, in game voice audio is literal garbage.

Is sliders really that hard to implement?

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